Paleo Garlic Chicken Breast Crock Pot With Parmesan Cheese Crust

Paleo Garlic Chicken Breast Crock Pot With Parmesan Cheese Crust
Here’s an easy paleo garlic chicken breast crock pot recipe with a Parmesan cheese crust. The Parmesan cheese crust is entirely optional – while there are a lot of primal dieters who don’t mind a little bit of Parmesan, the hardcore paleo purists might want to skip it. That’s fine, you’re still left with an super simple, garlic crock pot chicken breast recipe. All you have to do is throw a bunch of ingredients into your slow cooker and voila – garlic chicken. If you do want the savory crust though, your taste buds certainly won’t regret it.

Prep Time
15 Minutes

Cook Time
300 Minutes

1 large plate

Difficulty Level
Easy (Beginner)

6 lbs. chicken breast
2 cloves of garlic (minced)
1 1/2 cups chicken broth
1 tbspn. garlic powder
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 large eggs
Parmesan cheese
Dried cilantro
1/8 tspn black pepper

1. Add the chicken breasts, broth, garlic powder, minced garlic, and pepper to your crock pot.
2. Set to low and cook for 5 hours, or set it to keep warm and cook for 7-8 hours.
3. To make the crust, place a frying pan under medium heat and add the extra virgin olive oil.
4. Break 4 eggs into a bowl and whisk.
5. Take a large plate and sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese and cilantro (to taste).
6. Take a cooked chicken breast and dunk it into the whisked eggs, ensuring that it is completely coated on both sides.
7. Place the chicken breast onto the plate and coat evenly with parmesan cheese on both sides.
8. Place the coated chicken breast onto the frying pan; cook at medium heat until the coating is golden brown. Flip and cook other side until golden brown.
9. Repeat with all chicken breasts.
10. Serve and enjoy

Servings : 5
Ready in : 315
Course : Main Course
Recipe Type : Dinner

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