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Is Juicing Healthy?

We’ll find out if juicing really lives up to the hype

In the past, a glass of freshly-squeezed juice was just the perfect picker-upper on a hot afternoon. These days, juice is more than just a delicious drink.

So, is juicing healthy?

juicing for health vegs and fruitJuicing has been touted as a way to lose weight, detoxify the body, and even prevent ageing. Juicing is everywhere!

Trendy juice bars are popping up left and right, supermarkets have freshly-squeezed juices available, and sales of juicing machines have never been higher.

But the question is, is juicing healthy – really healthy ?

Despite the detractors, juicing is definitely healthy.

For those of you out there who can’t really handle eating a lot of vegetables, juicing is a way to get the nutrition you need without sacrificing your taste buds.

The thing you need to understand about juicing is this: you aren’t simply drinking a glass of juice. you’re drinking four or five carrots, a couple of beets, some ginger, some kale.

You are condensing the nourishment of all of this fresh produce into a glass of wholesome liquid goodness that will travel to every single cell in your body.

Juicing is just an awesome way to get the extra vitamins and minerals that you normally couldn’t get from eating a regular amount of food

Juices made from green, leafy vegetables are chock full of magnesium, a mineral important in energy metabolism.

A cup of carrot juice has 900% of your daily value for beta-carotene.

Citrus and berry-based juices are full of Vitamin C, an antioxidant that boosts immunity and can even help you recover from a tough workout.

Depending on the kinds of fruits and veggies you choose to use, the nutritional possibilities are endless.

If you’re still wondering – is juicing healthy, read on:

Being hydrated is essential for optimum health. After all, our bodies are made up of 75% water.

Fluids help our organs do their job. If you’re dehydrated, all the toxins and gunk can interfere with your bodily processes.

Drinking juice is great for hydrating your body

If you’re an athlete, it’s a healthy, satisfying way to recover lost electrolytes.

Even if you don’t get that much exercise, fresh juice is still super-refreshing to chug on those scorching summer days.

Some people would prefer a delicious beverage instead of simple water, and fresh juice is definitely healthier than soda in that case.

Is juicing healthy if you do it at home?

Juicing at home can be healthier than buying cartons of juice from the supermarket.

Many of the ready-to-drink juices available in the stores are made from concentrate and full of added sugar.

Since these juices have been on the shelf for days or even weeks and months, they might not contain as much of the nutrition that fresh juice has.

Some “juice drinks” don’t even have real fruit or vegetables in them, it’s all flavouring!

By juicing at home, you can ensure that you get only the freshest, most vibrant juice that still has all the live nutrients and none of the added sugars and preservatives.

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