Green Apple and Kale Smoothie

green apple kale smoothie

This super smoothie is jam-packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Containing kale, green apple, and bananas; this smoothie is a green healthy-for-you machine!

A 1-cup serving of Kale contains an astounding 206% of the daily value of Vitamin A, 134% of Vitamin C, and 684% of Vitamin K. Vitamin K is a powerful nutrient that helps your body ward off cancer while Vitamin A helps with your eyesight.

Both green apples and kale contain lots of Vitamin C to help your body in preventing infections.

Not to mention all of these ingredients contain lots of fiber which helps your digestion to work better.

Some people may fear the taste of kale. Although known to taste bitter on its own, kale blended up into smoothies is undetectable! All you taste is the delicious green apples and orange juice.

Prep Time
5 Minutes

5 cups

2 Med/Large Bananas
2 Green Apples
Little Over 1 Cup of Kale
3/4 Cup Orange Juice
1 Tray of Ice

1. Cut up the bananas, put into blender
2. Rinse the apples and cut into small pieces, put into blender
3. Rinse the kale and cut the leaves off the stem, place into blender
4. Pour in the orange juice
5. Blend until fully incorporated, kale takes a little longer to chop up completely
6. Put in the ice, blend until all mixed together
7. Enjoy!

Servings : 5
Ready in : 5
Recipe Type : Drink, Smoothie

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