10 best gluten free cereal options

If you’re looking for gluten free cereals, but have no idea where to start, look no further.

Here’s a list of the top 10 gluten-free cereals available in the market.
Not all the real food purists will enjoy this list but these cereals are gluten free and the kids like them. Fruity Pebbles for instance have been around for about 40 years. – Everything in moderation.

Nature’s Path Whole-O’s

This cereal bears an almost uncanny resemblance to Cheerios, albeit with a different taste.

It is low in sugar and hence perfect for those looking to lower their blood sugar.

Do not think that the low sugar content compromises on its taste, however.

It’s one of the best tasting cereals out there. Made with whole grain rice and corn, this product is certified GMO free by the Non GMO project.

Couple that with the USDA organic certification (free of herbicides and pesticides) and you’ve got the perfect healthy cereal.

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Gluten Free cereal

Just Rice Krispies, without barley malt.

Enough said. But the similarities extend beyond the taste.

Even the boxes look strikingly similar, so for those who are gluten-intolerant, ensure that the label “gluten-free” is clearly stamped on the boxes before buying your rice Krispies.

Having brown rice instead of white rice, and less sugar, the gluten free version proves to be a much healthier alternative than the conventional Krispies, while still retaining the trademark crunch and pop.

One con is that despite using brown rice, this cereal has low fibre content.

EnviroKidz Organic Amazon Frosted Flakes Cereal

Another product by Nature’s Path, this cereal is both GMO and USDA certified, which means that it has neither herbicides and pesticides nor genetically modified ingredients.

The main ingredient of this cereal is gluten free cornmeal, which gives for a wholesome, healthy breakfast.

Do note that this product is low in fat, and fibre content but slightly high in sugars.  

If you are someone who needs to keep a constant eye on your blood sugar levels, heaping on this cereal is probably not a good idea. But otherwise, happy munching!

Barbara’s Puffins Multigrain Cereal Gluten Free

Barbara prides itself on producing entirely natural and organic cereals that are free of artifice of any sort (that includes preservatives and flavouring).

At 6g per serving, the sugar content in this cereal is reasonable, and that is complemented by its whole grain goodness  pure oats, brown rice and corn.

Aside from the sugar content, it has zero fat and is high in dietary fibre.

The puffins also gives a delightful crunch with each bite, even when soggy wet with milk.

Like the Che cereals, the puffins come in a variety of flavors : cinnamon, honey rice, original, peanut butter, peanut butter and chocolate.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you could even jazz up your breakfast by adding some berries and nuts for a wholesome meal.

General Mills Chex Cereals

Whoever thinks that gluten-free cereals are but a bland mix are sorely mistaken.

General Mills’ Chex cereals come in seven flavors: chocolate, corn, rice, honey nut, cinnamon, vanilla and apple cinnamon.

A delight for kids, you can try purchasing a few flavors and mixing them up.

Do not simply assume that all chex cereals are gluten-free, for wheat Chex is not.

Chex cereals are low in fat and sugar besides being cholesterol free, and would therefore be a cereal of choice whether or not you choose to consume gluten.

They are also made with whole grain first ingredients and are entirely natural.

Cerealvit Coffee Flakes Gluten Free Cereal

Of course, children are not the only ones who get to indulge in their favourite cereal.

With the advent of coffee flakes, adults can also munch on their cereal sans embarrassment.

One of few cereals that are fortified with Omega-3, they are perfect for adults seeking to implement healthy lifestyles all the while providing the much needed caffeine.

Cerealvit’s flakes are purportedly thicker than other flakes available and would therefore turn soggy less easily.

Other than the coffee flakes, Cerealvit also has the conventional corn flakes and the Buckwheat and rice flakes for those who are more health conscious.

CerealVit chocolate stars

Made entirely from organic ingredients, this would prove to be the ideal cereal for kids who simply adore chocolate.

The chocolate stars have, admittedly, a rather high sugar content, at 8.7g per serving, but it is still relatively low compared to other cereals marketed for kids.

Besides being gluten free, this product is also gluten free and made with real chocolate.

One of the most unique features of this cereal is its larger than usual box size, which is pure joy for mothers around the globe.

Erewhon’s Cereal

With a signature crunch, this cereal is reminiscent of the Rice Krispies, with a more healthy twist.

It is certified gluten free, and is entirely organic and free of GMO ingredients.

Low in fat and sugar, Erewhon’s cereal is made with whole grains and comes in nine gluten-free flavors.

Integrating buckwheat, hemp, chia and other similar super-grains, they are sure to satisfy even the most devoted healthy eaters.

Do not shy from Erewhon’s cereals simply because they contain super-grains, the taste is something worth craving for,

Throw in milk, yoghurt and berries and you’re on to a good start for the day.

Enjoy Life Perky’s Crunchy Flax Cereal with Chia

Anything that has Chia in it is bound to be healthy, the same can’t be said of tasting good though.

When eaten alone, this cereal might not be suitable for certain people’s taste buds, but when eaten with the right combination of other ingredients, it’s simply heavenly.

Blueberries, almond milk and honey go very well with the flax cereal.

High in fibre and protein, and low in fat besides being free of wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish, this cereal seems almost a dream come true for nutritionists.

It is also enriched with omega-3 for those who are seeking a healthy cereal.

Fruity Pebbles Cereal

Rainbow coloured and coated with sugar, what’s not to like?

A staple, this cereal has been around for 40 years, delighting many generations in between.

This cereal is high in proteins, dietary fibres, and essential vitamins and minerals but also contains a reasonable amount of fat and sugars.

Definitely a tasty treat, but not the healthiest.

Consume only in moderation.

That concludes the top 10 gluten free cereals. Enjoy!

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  1. Fruity Pebbles, really? I am a long-time reader and you just lost all my respect for your blog with this one. So much for being a “real food freak”!

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