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Gluten Free Apple Crisp

2.5 of 5 Cook Time : 40

Here’s an apple crisp recipe that’s sure to delight. It’s light, yet highly textured, sweet, yet not too sugary. Serve it up to your friends who turn up their noses ...

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Paleo Meatloaf

2 of 5 Cook Time : 45

Its just a lump of meat and ingredients, so how hard can it be to screw up, right? Well, for most of you who were force fed meatloaf as children, ...

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Paleo Granola

3.5 of 5 Cook Time : 20

Doing the paleo diet and missing the crunchy goodness – not to mention convenience – of your morning cereal? This paleo granola recipe is so good you’re not going to ...

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Paleo Stuffed Peppers

1.8 of 5 Cook Time : 40

These hearty stuffed peppers are easy to make and convenient to eat – not to mention tasty. The cayenne pepper and pepper flakes gives it a nice little snap. The ...

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Paleo Meatballs & Tomato Sauce

5 of 5 Cook Time : 30

These aren’t just any meatballs – this particular combination of spices and herbs yields an especially flavorful little morsel that will have you craving more. The homemade tomato sauce complements ...

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Paleo Beef Stew

0.4 of 5 Cook Time : 510

Here’s a great little classic paleo beef stew slow cooker recipe for those of you who strive for convenience. Its very simple to make and all the ingredients compliment each other ...

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Paleo Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

5 of 5 Cook Time : 25

The paleo diet does have some interesting nuances – one of the most intriguing aspects is that dishes like bacon wrapped asparagus are considered perfectly compliant. Your first reaction to ...

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Paleo Chili

4 of 5 Cook Time : 120

Beans are synonymous with good chili, but beans are a big no-no if you’re doing paleo. So how does one create a paleo chili dish? Simply leave the beans out ...

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Paleo Cauliflower Rice

5 of 5 Cook Time : 10

Cauliflower is an impressively versatile vegetable if you use a little creativity. Here’s a great little paleo cauliflower rice recipe that will let you enjoy the taste/texture of rice, without ...

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Paleo Garlic Chicken Breast Crock Pot With Parmesan Cheese Crust

5 of 5 Cook Time : 300

Here’s an easy paleo garlic chickenbreast crock pot recipe with a parmesan cheese crust. The parmesan cheese crust is entirely optional – while there are a lot of primal dieters ...

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Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

3 of 5 Cook Time : 15

Everyone needs a treat now and then, but chocolate chip cookies can’t really go with a primal diet, can they? I mean, our hunter gatherer ancestors weren’t exactly baking tasty ...

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Gluten Free Zucchini Bread

4 of 5 Cook Time : 60

Here’s a classic gluten free recipe that everyone can enjoy. It is a cinnamon tea bread, baked with fresh zucchini. This recipe is a much healthier (and yummier) option if ...

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juicing for health vegs and fruit

Is Juicing Healthy?

We’ll find out if juicing really lives up to the hype. In the past, a glass of freshly-squeezed juice was just the perfect picker-upper on a hot afternoon. These days, juice is more than just a delicious drink. So, is juicing healthy? Juicing has been touted as a way to lose weight, detoxify the body, […]

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masticating juice maker

Juice Maker Selection Tips

Selecting your Juice Maker The first and probably the most difficult part of juicing is choosing the right juicer. With the hundreds of different kinds of juicers available on the market today, there’s bound to be one out there that’s perfect for your needs. The problem is narrowing down the search. In order to do […]

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juice benefits

Guide to the Benefits of Juicing

Your guide to juicing benefits When your home made juices taste great and provide an instant burst of energy along vital nutrients, you might be tempted to make them the central component of your daily diet plan. However, fresh juices in excessive amounts can overload your system with some nutrients, while failing to provide other […]

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10 Healthy Late Night Snack Ideas

If you’re the type to reach for a snack late at night only to feel guilty in the morning, fret no more. It is a myth that eating late at night will cause you to gain weight. As long as you burn more calories than you consume, it doesn’t matter what time of day or […]

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Meat and Veggie Skewers

10 Easy Paleo Diet Approved Snack Ideas

While traditional, go-to snack foods like crackers and pretzels may not be an option when embarking on a paleo diet, there are a wide variety of paleo snacks that are not only healthy, but food you will actually enjoy. As you probably know, the paleo diet is often referred to as the ‘caveman diet’ because […]

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Are Potatoes Gluten Free?

For people with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or those who just adhered to gluten-free diets, many comfort foods are off-limits – requiring you to modify them so they’re safe to eat. A gluten-free lifestyle can be difficult to manage, leading people to search high and low for gluten-free recipes that still taste as good as […]

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desegura89 | flickr

Is Oatmeal Gluten Free?

One of the toughest things for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance to give up is oatmeal. It is a popular comfort food — warm, creamy and extremely versatile. The good news is that you may not have to give up oatmeal. Is oatmeal gluten free? Yes, oatmeal is naturally a gluten free food, […]

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The Health Benefits of Maca Powder and Maca Root

People have used maca root for generations to boost energy and stabilize mood. This Peruvian herb grown in the Andes Mountains contains healthy amino acids, vitamins, phytonutrients and fatty acids that are essential to good health and beauty. It is known to boost libido and has been used for medicinal purposes since the times of […]

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Chicken Salad

10 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Coming up with school lunch ideas for kids that are healthy and appealing can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. Gluten-free and paleo meals don’t have to be limited to your own diet, they are also excellent options when looking for healthy lunch ideas for kids, but you […]

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Fresh Fruit

10 Quick & Simple Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

There’s a common misconception that preparing quick and easy snacks for toddlers that are actually healthy is time consuming and inconvenient compared to the plethora of junk food options that are always at our fingertips. Fortunately for you and your kids, it is indeed a misconception and there are actually plenty of healthy snacks for […]

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